Effect of Play Based Learning on the Development of Logical Reasoning in Early Childhood Education

Fozia Fatima, Saba Tariq, Maham Siddique, Sabir Ali, Nadia Shabnam, Rabbia Javed


Objective: to determine the effect of play-based learning on developing logical reasoning in early childhood education in Islamabad.
Study Design: quantitative quasi-experimental study and the pre-and post-experimental paradigm was used.
Place and Duration of Study: The population of the current study included the students from Headstart School located in Islamabad from March 2020 to September 2020.
Materials and Methods:  The population was selected through cluster sampling technique.  Sample size of 80 students with 40 each of control and experimental group were considered le. Both the groups were taught a course ‘classification of vertebrates’ in Science either through play-based (experimental group) or conventional method (controlled group) in a 45 minutes session, 5 days for four weeks.  A pictorial self-developed test consisted of 6 questions based on understanding by design (UbD was used. Descriptive (percentage and frequency) and inferential statistics were used for the analysis of data.
Results: The control condition (Pre & Post) for the logical development and experimental condition (Pre & Post) was positively correlated. No effect of gender by the play-based learning in developing logical reasoning among students was found in both the control and experimental group at early childhood education.
Conclusion: The relationship between experimental and control conditions for the logical development by using play-based learning was significant. The play-based activities based on the curriculum should be designed to ensure meaningful learning and long-term knowledge retention in children as it ensures a child’s interest and fun factor.

Key Words: Experimental Design, Logical Reasoning, Play-Based Learning.

How to cite this: Fatima F, Tariq S, Siddique M, Ali S, Shabnam N, Javed R. Effect of Play Based Learning on the Development of Logical Reasoning in Early Childhood Education. Life and Science. 2021; 2(4): 172-181.  doi: http://doi.org/10.37185/LnS.1.1.181

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